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I'm a software engineer, professional translator, and consultant with eight years of experience working in journalism and conflict analysis. I'm passionate about OSINT tools, solving neat problems and using tech as a force for good.

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About Me

I'm a full stack software developer and technical consultant based in Michigan. Prior to moving back to my home state in 2022, I lived for more than seven years in the Middle East where I worked in journalism, analysis and translation.

Today, most of my work is focused on developing software aimed at boosting the capacity of researchers and analysts. I'm also on the lookout for full-time software engineering roles.

Some of my recent open source projects include a tool for identifying disinformation networks (read my Bellingcat article here) and an AI-powered web scraper to monitor Syrian media. I'm always looking at new projects, so follow me on github to see what I'm working on currently

Software Engineer
Rootwise, LLC
2024 - Present
Software Consultant
2023 - Present
Open Source Contributor
2023 - Present
Software Developer Intern
Rithm School
Senior Analyst
2019 - 2023
Journalist & Translator
Syria Direct / Freelance
2016 - 2019
Arabic Interpreter
Health Point Foundation

My tech stack:


  • Syria Daily Brief

    An AI-empowered web scraper for monitoring Syrian media.

  • Wayback Google Analytics

    A tool for identifying disinformation networks using the Wayback Machine and Google Analytics.

  • JobHunter

    A full stack job board app

  • Silly Bird

    A full stack clone of another, somehow sillier bird app

  • Michigan Facts

    A discord chatbot and serverless API that nobody asked for

  • justinclark.bio

    The website you're on right now


Contact Me

Let's Connect:

I'm currently looking for new opportunities and open to new roles.

My inbox is open - send me a message if you'd like to ask a question, connect or set up a time to chat.